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Timothy E. Daniel with SH-275 Guitar
Timothy E. Daniel

Tim Daniel is an architect of sound and song working with synth/samplers, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, saxophones, vocals and other instruments. Tim's recordings also feature contributions from other artists. Tim's first serious study of music was the saxophone. He later adopted the keyboard as his primary instrument as much for convenience as a conscious decision. Tim took up the serious study of guitar after his son was born and now uses guitar as a compositional tool as well as a base instrument for recordings. Tim constantly seeks new sounds which are expressive to combine with his unique approach to improvisational performance.

Tim's music covers a broad range of genres. This is perhaps natural as his musical influences range from Beethoven to the Butthole Surfers. The work created as Timothy Daniel is progressive rock and jazz fusion influenced. As an electronica artist he goes by the name Media Lint.

Tim's first CD release was Inversion recorded between 1994 and 1997 and released in December, 1997. Since then he has had several small releases including albums exclusively sold online. Always experimenting, Tim has incorporated complex polyrhythms and compound time signatures into many of his works including his latest progressive rock and fusion efforts.

Tim has been writing new material in recent years and in 2018 Tim began to return to recording regularly. In 2019 he is making a few tracks available and is working on more to release as a combined album.

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Track Title Description LengthListen!
01Fair Weather 2019 - Jazzy, smokey, rainy day, melancholy ...
Timothy Daniel: 12 String Taylor T5z, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals, drums.

Lyrics: When the rain is falling down - I'll no longer be around - Come another sunny day - And I'll be back around this way ---- I may be a friend in fair weather - But I know better - Than to be around here when the clouds roll in - There's a difference of opinion - There is no winning - Our minds made up before the argument begins ---- When the sun begins to shine - I'll come around this way one more time - But when the rain begins to fall - I won't be coming around here at all
02Coffee And Sweat (radio mix) 2019 - A hard driving arpegiated synth bass and guitar driven song about busting your ass for a paycheck.
You've been there, you know what success smells like.

Timothy Daniel: Electric guitar, keyboards, vocals, drum and arp programming.

Lyrics: Working nine to five you do your best to stay alive - It's hard to make a living in situations so contrived -- You wake up four hours early to beat the traffic at their own game - And so you skip your breakfast, granola bars work just the same -- You got a big promotion: Eighty cents more every day - It's the thought that counts so be happier with your pay - ---- CHORUS ---- This is what you get -- For all your coffee and sweat -- Are you not satisfied yet? -- Cuz this is all you'll get ---- Over your shoulder your manager lurks - With one eye on your ass and one eye on your work - With kids to train and dogs to feed - You bite your tongue to keep this peace - This I will endure is the mantra you repeat - This I will endure is the mantra you repeat - You walk the line between succeeding and admitting your defeat
01Letter To A Friend Odd-meter Progressive Rock - 2002
Timothy Daniel: bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals, drum programming.

Lyrics: We aren't the boys we once were - We've grown into men - But we can still remember - The times that we had then - Listening to the Dead - And letting acid thoughts fill our head - They were the best times I ever had - Back when we were young ... :: We'd talk about the days to come - And shoot our BB Guns - The future sure looked bright - And we had all of it in our sights - And now when things turn bad - And even though it makes me sad - I won't forget the times we had - Back when we were young... :: We were free to be who we wanted to be - And now that we're old we must do as we're told - Life's not easy - But the memory of those times I will keep in my mind - They are a part of me :: Remember the days we spent down at the pond? - Or taking the motor bike on a spin through the lawn? - It's sad to think that those days are gone - Can we live them again? :: We could get together on a muggy summer day - School is out and the golden rule is to go outside and play - We can get together on a chilly winter night - And play atari games and drink your father's genny light - We can go out fishing and catch a buzz down by the stream - Or sit and read the paper and analyze each other's dreams :: And so we now have seen the future - Which was hidden in our pasts - You know I won't let go of those days - But time is moving fast - Lazing on a day of rain - And thinking of those times again - The best part of our life was then - Back when we were young
02American Sunset
(original mix)
Pseudo-Militant Hard Rock - 2004
Timothy Daniel: synthesizers, vocals, programming
Patrick Connolly: Guitars
Jon Silk: Drums

Lyrics: A mandate has been issued - The Eagle has flown the coupe - Turn your ploughshares in for guns - Our kingdom comes through strength of arms :: The Almighty Eye can't be toppled - Rest assured your fear's secured - We'll grow our pride through acts of war - Balances are checked at the door :: I rise before the setting sun - I look around at what's been done - As day transcends to night - And darkness washes out the light :: Direction is the place you're at - Where nothing seems to matter - The world looks at you with scorn - And compliments your anger - The tide is turned - Your soul is drowned - A demon has been born - A child of our rage - Let's give to him a crown of thorns
03What Makes We
(Is the You and Me)
Progressive Rock - 2001
Timothy Daniel: bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals, drum programming.
Features an end jam in an odd compound meter (30/8)

Lyrics: Counting all the lies - Adding up the compromises - Looking in your eyes - Looking past all your disguises ... You came around and you took me down - I hit the ground and I look around - You spun me round and I heard this sound - Drowned out my thoughts, made my temples pound ... What makes we is the you and me - Three only adds up to jealousy - Go for the four even up the score - I don't wanna play this game no more - You can pretend we're in love again - It's been so long I've forgotten when - What makes we is the you and me - Either I'm blind or you fail to see ...
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