Timothy Daniel with Vantage VP-795 Guitar

The Media Lint website is designed and maintained by Timothy E. Daniel. The primary purpose of this site is to showcase my music catalog. I play and record music in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay area using synthesizers, saxophones, bass, guitar and various percussion instruments. I continue to play with members Patrick and Jon of Imagery Flux along with bassist Klik in Ashpool. Over the past fifteen years I have recorded under several pseudonyms: Paradox Axiom, Fnord Motor Company, Uranium Playthings, Media Lint, Ocifer Peacepipe and crustacean. I will be re-releasing these projects as albums under the Media Lint name.

The name Media Lint is an anagram of my name Tim Daniel. As there is another gentleman who goes by Timothy Daniel who records and performs Singer/Songwriter music I will continue to put forth all my new material and regroup my old material under the Media Lint pseudonym. Links to music downloads, videos, and other on-line sites where my music may be downloaded or purchased will be posted here as I get my old material back on-line and release new material.

Update: November, 2013
I have moved my website to a new server and am giving it the first update in about seven years. I took a bit of a hiatus from both music recording and maintaining my Internet website. During this time I became dad to a wonderful son who is now almost four years old. He enjoys singing and playing music as much as his dad does and he loves riding his balance bike through the California Redwoods.

Recently I turned to the guitar as my go to instrument (previously keyboards) and I have been actively recording some new material that will be somewhat different than my previous output. I also have gone from a die hard PC user to a Mac user and have turned to Logic Pro X as my new recording platform.

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