Timothy Daniel with Taylor Koa 326ce-K Fltd Guitar

The Media Lint website is designed and maintained by Timothy E. Daniel. The primary purpose of this site is to showcase my music catalog. I play and record music in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay area using synthesizers, saxophones, bass, guitar and various percussion instruments. I have been playing and recording music for over three decades. During this time I played in several bands including Imagery Flux, did music and sound for independent film artists including James Short, and have done many Internet collaborative projects with artists such as Bruce Satinover.

The name Media Lint is an anagram of my name Tim Daniel. Musically this originally encompassed my electronic music. Over the years medialint has become an all around pseudonym for my Internet presence.

Updated: February 3, 2019
It is looking like this year may be a great return to musical output for me. In the first month of the year I have already recorded a few songs I am quite pleased with. I have several more songs written that I look forward to recording and hope to release two "virtual albums": One encompassing rock/alternative and the other encompassing electronic. Tentatively the latter will be the third album of my Paradox Axiom project.

Timothy E. Daniel - Coffee and Sweat 3:37 Rock/Pop January 2019
A hard driving arpegiated synth bass and guitar driven song about busting your ass for a paycheck. You've been there, you know what success smells like.

Timothy E. Daniel - Fair Weather 3:14 Rock/Alternative January 2019
A smokey, jazzy, melancholy rainy day song.

Paradox Axiom - Elderworld 5:40 Electronic/New Age January 2019
So ... if there was a new Paradox Axiom 'Album' it might sound something like this ...

Look What I Found ...
Today in the "look what I found" bucket we go back to 2000 with a few select tracks from my project with Bruce Satinover called "Band 20".
Band 20 - Anti-Savage 1:16 A short rodent-esque soundscape.
Band 20 - Smoking Dog 1:27 A short canine-esque soundscape.
Band 20 - Miles 11:08 A long fusion-esque soundscape.

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