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Media Lint

Media Lint is electronic music by artist Timothy Daniel. The name Media Lint is an anagram for Tim Daniel but also refers to Tim's use of media in unconventional ways; obscuring the technology. Tim uses various synthesizers and software in the creation of his work along with the incorporation of more conventional instruments. He has further developed unique techniques for creating drum tracks by beat-slicing acoustic drum tracks and assembling them into completely new grooves. This technique is furthered in his progressive rock and jazz where he constructs authentic feeling beats in odd time signatures.

The nature of the musical genre Media Lint encompasses is repetitive in nature with changes in timbre occurring slowly over time and the use of adding and subtracting elements to create a complete structure. This naturally is the right job for looping tools. Tim obscures technology in this regard by often playing seemingly looped passages all the way through the song in a one take. The effect is psychoacoustic and not obvious. He especially employs this technique on bass lines and synth pads. Conversely with tools like Reaktor at his disposal Tim constructs evolutionary instruments from the ground up. In this case Tim actually constructs instruments and groove loops together thus creating entirely new sounds.

Tim's work is influenced by such artists as the Future Sound of London, Kraftwerk and Beaver & Krause.

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Track Title Description LengthListen!
01Twice Thursday Ambient Electronic (Old School New Age) - 2001
Timothy Daniel: synthesizers, programming.
02Try Some Of This Ambient Electronic (Bossa Nova Groove) - 2002
Timothy Daniel: synthesizers, programming.
Mikey likes it.
03Logik.01 Electronica + Jazz - 2003
Timothy Daniel: synthesizers, saxophones, programming.
Artificially flavored loops constructed in Native Instruments Reaktor then expanded upon organically. This song evolves through several phases.
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